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Written on 11/01/ 2020
My name is Marty Neary and I am an online marketer, author, and part-time coach. 

First of all, I began my online marketing business about four years ago. Like many people, I began earlier on E-Bay and then slowly progressed to freelance blog writing on sites such as Fiverr. Along the way, I have broken even on digital ventures such as establishing dating sites and had moderate success with amazon FBA ( selling cat collars, lol ) and on Udemy where I teach a writing software online course.

My biggest success has been as an Amazon Kindle Author. I am the proud publisher of 16 Happy Choices  - a positive psychology self-help book that has sold hundreds of copies all over the world. I aim to write more books in the future and hopefully embark on my biggest dream - to become a film-maker. 

Recently, I have decided to focus more intensely on my digital marketing business - working from home to make things happen. This year I aim to scale up my online business ventures and at the same time help others succeed with their freedom goals.  Life is short and the competition is greater than ever before online. This is one reason why I want to be a better marketer, so I am not held back by any more obstacles to greater success in 2020 - and way beyond!

I look forward to hearing from you and working towards your lifestyle goals.

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